PTA Endorsements

While we think it's important to educate yourself on all the warrant articles, there are a few that especially impact young families. Please consider voting for/against the following:

  • No on Town Article 3 Amendment 4. We want affordable housing for more than just seniors, and feel like another retirement community in Rye will further skew the median age.

  • Yes on Article 18. We think Rye needs a rec center. Although there has been much discussion that this article isn't the optimal way to go about it, we feel it starts a much-needed conversation- and lets the Board of Selectmen know that a rec center should be a priority for our town. (P.S. For more information on Article 18, please consider going to the Warrant Article Coffee at RPL on Friday morning at 9:30am) RSVP Here.

  • Yes on Article 33. We need to study the best ways to create a healthy "ecology" of  all ages and families in Rye. We do not want Rye to become a retirement community. We want our schools and town to be the best we can make them. This committee is comprised of local stakeholders, and costs no money. (P.S. For more information on Article 33, please consider going to the Warrant Article Coffee at RPL on Friday morning at 9:30am) RSVP Here.

  • Yes on Article 35. Again, this article doesn't cost any money- it is simply to figure out a safe and healthy way for kids to get from RJH to Rye Rec through Rye Woods. Volunteer groups like Little League teams and Scouts could commit to maintaining the trails- no cost to taxpayers.

  • Yes on ALL School Articles. Vote for Article 1 (the school budget), because a no vote means that the budget will revert to last year's school budget (and with an increase in fixed costs, that means a cut to programs for kids). Vote for Article 2 (creating a $75,000 reserve fund) because we have two aging buildings with lots of needed repairs. And finally, please give your support to Article 3. Shrinking child populations in Rye are a reality for a number of reasons. We need to have a clear, thought-out plan to deal with the future of our schools- whether it's combining to a K-8, combining with another town, or another solution altogether. The School Board supports this initiative, and so should you!

Although the PTA as an organization cannot support individual candidates for office, many of us who have been paying close attention have our opinions. Please feel free to ask someone from the board who they support, if you'd like any guidance.