Warrant Articles

Get Educated!

Have you heard of the Rye Civic League? These dedicated community members are volunteers who keep current on all Rye government happenings. Then they report back, so you can stay informed. If you do not get the the Rye Civic News, please sign up!

The Rye Civic League has also compiled an extensive document explaining each warrant article, with historical data and background info. If you have time, it's a very worthwhile way to spend an hour.

But just in case you can't read about all the articles in-depth, PLEASE read through this handy table and educate yourself on what a Yes vote means, and what a No vote means! Please refer to our tax table to figure out the tax implications.  For more in-depth information on Town Hall, click here.

Be sure to read through the PTA Endorsements, as well.

Thanks again to Rye Civic League for providing this tool!

Some more in-depth info on a few that especially affect families ...Please see the PTA Endorsements page for our recommendations.

Article 3-from Phil Winslow/Rye Planning Board

There are many components to Article 3- 7 amendments, in fact. Therefore we have simply attached the pdf so that you may read through the whole thing to get a full scope.

Article 18- From the Rye Recreation Commission

Article 33- from Paula Tsetsilas

Article 35- from Brian Murphy

School Warrant Article 3, from Mike Schwartz