Through funding teacher grants for arts and technology programs in the classroom, organizing after-school enrichment classes or funding all-school assemblies, the PTA strives to enhance the academic and emotional growth of each and every student. Dues are only $15/year which provides you with a $5 discount for every after-school enrichment class.  Please let us know if you have any questions!


Teacher Appreciation Luncheon and Bus Driver gifts. Plants and flowers to "beautify" the school. Equipment upgrades like a new microwave in the teacher's lounge or a new water fountain in the gym. They are mostly little expenses, but they go a long way to improve life at school for our staff. Happy Staff= Happy Students. And happy students are more likely to be ready to learn.


Little Extras That Go a Long Way

The PTA also helps cover some of the yearbook costs, funds 5th/8th grade graduation, pays for costs associated with the school plays and concerts, helps pay for extra Great Stone Face books for 5th graders and the library, and rents all the equipment for Field Day and Fun Finale.

Student Support


The bulk of our funds go towards Educational Enrichment. Programs like the After School Enrichment classes, All-School Assemblies and Special Grade-Level Speakers; Donations to Talents By the Sea (the RES and RJH literary magazine), and specific teacher grants all fall in this category and make a big impact on students' learning.

P.S. Are you a teacher who'd like to submit a grant request? Download one here.

P.P.S Are you a teacher, staff or community member who's interested in teaching an after school enrichment class? Download an application here.

Educational Enrichment